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An Anonymous DonorJohn Fritch matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorJohn Fritch matched $2,500
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College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Home to the largest number of majors on campus, our college provides a diverse range of learning opportunities in the visual and performing arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and technology fields.

With 14 departments and a number of interdisciplinary and special programs, the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences offers over 70 majors for students to find their passions. Our graduates have the experiences they need for learning and living in a rapidly changing society, and leave ready to succeed in a wide variety of careers.

Dean's Fund for Excellence

We put each gift to the Dean’s Fund to work by funding things like mini grant programs, performance opportunities and a variety of student experiences that make students’ time at UNI special. 

When you make a gift of any size, here’s how you make a difference: 

You equip students for a rapidly changing world. Your gift to the Dean’s Fund helps the college develop programs that combine classroom work with real-world applications. These are experiences our students will never forget. You also allow us to develop opportunities to meet student and community needs. Right now, that means we’re expanding our programs in the exciting fields of digital media, creative expression, data science and health science.

You create opportunities for faculty that they otherwise could not enjoy, including time to attend conferences and resources for their professional growth. This helps us attract and retain the educators who engage and mentor students and keep UNI at the top of the competitive faculty marketplace.

You ensure that the arts and sciences at UNI continue to flourish. Our college is the foundation upon which all of the other majors are built. Every student at UNI benefits from our programs. And when you strengthen the college, you strengthen the university.

John Fritch
Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Challenge Gifts 

CHAS Arts Dean's Fund

Brad '83 and Karen Waline will contribute $5,000 to the CHAS Arts Dean's Fund if 175 donors support the fund.  

CHAS Sciences Dean's Fund

An anonymous donor will contribute $2,000 to the CHAS Sciences Dean's Fund if 175 donors support the fund.

Dean Fritch Challenge

John Fritch, Dean of College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, will match $10 per donor to either CHAS Dean's Fund, up to $5,000.

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