#LivePurpleGiveGold 2023

Campaign goes live in





“Living Purple” means celebrating the history, experience and spirit of UNI. “Giving Gold” means forwarding your time, talent and treasure to UNI. On March 30, we bring these two expressions together to celebrate the University of Northern Iowa and impact the lives of students for years to come with #LivePurpleGiveGold. When you support the Annual Fund or another initiative at UNI, you're investing in the success of our students who will become leaders in their communities.

Annual Fund support to UNI creates the opportunity to enhance the standard experience for UNI students year over year. It allows for the flexibility to focus on urgent needs or to engage in new avenues of teaching and resources on campus. 

For 24 hours, UNI Panthers will tell their story and create opportunity through their donations to the area of their choice. 

1,330 Goal

We strive for excellence at UNI and reaching this collective goal of 1,330 donors will build a better tomorrow for UNI and show the world that Panthers support each other and the investment in students success is front and center.

Make your gift and then your UNI story on social media using #LivePurpleGiveGold to maximize your impact. Thank you for your ever loyal support!