A number of alumni and friends have come together to support #LivePurpleGiveGold this year. Be sure to check out each department page above for additional challenge and matches.

500 Donors

Kerry Sutherland will give $5,000 if 500 donors give

750 Donors

Dan Fick will give $5,000 if 750 donors give

1,000 Donors

Michael Armbrecht will give $5,000 and Linda Cook will give $5,000 if 1,000 donors give

1,250 Donors

Duane Smith will give $12,500 if 1,250 donors give

1,330 Donors

Tim Christian will give $15,000 if 1,330 donors give

First Time Donor Challenge

Rob Ruchotzke will give $1,500 if 150 donors give

50 State Challenge

Bob Bowlsby will give $1,000 if one donor from each state gives